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Linda Randolph Vernon really so you’re doubting me saying I don’t have internet at my house for your information I am at work and I am on my cell phone I hope this answers your question thank you ternet but it’s absolutely horrible quality. It’s the only thing we can get where I live. We don’t even have good cell reception either. Homeschooling was a nightmare for my three girls because of the internet quality. We couldn’t download anything or it took dats to download, everything was choppy etc. I’m confident dump trump is trying to kill our kids.
Why else would it be forced to send kids to school without securities and mechanisms in place to safe guard children and staff. I think Schools are wanting to reopen for the School funding they receive. It’s all up to School boards and they want and need funding. It should be about children not money. Are the School Boards going to pay for health care or hospital Bill’s of the children that go back to school. The answer is no. However I really think if a child gets sick from School being reopened and the covid19 gets the children sick then they should be sued for child endangerment. My thoughts about it all. It’s so much bigger than what people are looking at. Why is it so hard for people to see the bigger picture,stop looking at the money an politics and see the life of the children.
I know kids need to be in school, I know people want the norm back. Is the school or government going to help these families with health care an meds an are they going to cover burial expenses. The enormous cost of making the wrong decision,can negatively impact so many lives unnecessarily.