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Standing in line to send mail is sometimes more crowded and chaotic than regular voting. Voting will have spacing controls, but mailing will be difficult to control the social distancing because the number of mailboxes will be less than the number of ballot boxes. GIRLS—is there ever a time when Pence doesn’t look “way 2 damn fine” during a press conference? he always looks like hes straight out of a mens wearhouse fashion shoot. so g lad he’s our Veep and will b for four more years. trump 2020. Not to worry, the DNC and the Mainstream Media are actually doing a very stupid thing by Manipulating the Numbers in the Polling to constantly show Biden and Harris in the Lead. By doing so it may cause their Nonchalant Voters to back off feeling that they are doing find so they really don’t need their Vote. Low numbers are what make the Voters show up and care, not high numbers. High Numbers just say, oh, I’m not in the Mood, they don’t need me anyway, they’re doing fine. Very bad way to win an Election. What is he doing there I thought he was in charge of COVID? Guess he’s fired too. Where is Dr. Fauci these days? Where is Dr. Brix these days. Guess took charge of COVID, HE IS DOING A LOUSY JOB> All he does is have a mini rally posing as a press briefing. I thought it was for COVID? I guess the monotone droning repeating of erronious stats, lies about what is really happening here, diverting attention to look over there at those Countries, it’s rising dangerously. While the entire south is maroon! Useless bragging, attacking, threatening, chaos, nastiness and lies, that is what we will hear again today.