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Camping Wander Woman vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top

Camping Wander Woman vintage hoodie

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We have to make these, mostly Democrat Officials responsible for all the fear and danger they have caused to our American Cities that all of us pay for in Federal Taxes! This is just unreal! Of coarse they are looking for a War. Any excuse will do for them! Mr. President you will never win in that corrupt state no matter what you do. Protect federal property and put these a$$holes in their place. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. They should have been picked up long ago. Thank you Mr. President for standing up for our country and our people once again when the others that are supposed to aren’t doing their job. You are doing a great job and doing the right thing. The left likes to exaggerate, twist truths and lie so don’t worry Mr President us on the right know the truth AND so do the demonrats but they would never admit it. Take back our country keep up the good work they don’t have control so now they are crying to damn bad we did not like them Burning our Flag, Setting Businesses on Fire and Looting along with all the destruction I do not disagree about protesting and making Police do better but this is so outta control people are scared and in America we have freedom and fought hard to keep it can’t loose now what if these people have something to do with another country trying to take over and we are slacking to bring this under control only to loose everything we can not allow any more of this Vote. I personally want to say thank you for stepping in…Kate Brown,Ted Wheeler and Oregon Democrats are coddling these domestic terrorists. I as a resident of Oregon am terrified for my safety under the Democratic oppression that is happening. Oregon is on fire and we need more help to remove current leadership that is decaying the state from within and restore law and order.