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Captain Morgan hawaiian shirt

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Trae, sending love and appreciation from Minnesota. We are gleeful when heading south (especially in January!) and seeing the beauty and lushness appear in Tennessee and Alabama, feeling the friendliness of people. One of my best friends grew up in Rome, Georgia, ended up in St Pete, by way of Alaska, Seattle and Chattanooga and is super liberal, loving to all. She needed to leave the South as a young woman, but ultimately returned and loves St Pete. I know Florida is kind of a world apart, but my friend changed and deepened my views of southerners. And you articulate so well the crazy balance of love of the good parts, with clear eyed acknowledgement of the shame and legacy of white supremacy. So very true there’s plenty of redneck, white supremacist bullshit up North too. Ignorance and small mindedness is Everywhere. We’ve all got our work to do as anti racists. Thank you for being You, for being so forward-leaning with your seriously hilarious history lessons and insights. We’re all hungry for it.😂 Keep on keepin on, Brother!

Stop through Memphis and get some bbq. If you’re in Nashville, get hot chicken. If you’re in Alabama go to Huntsville. That’s where the Marshall Space Center is. definitely want to explore Memphis and Nashville someday, when I’m not bee lining to Florida with my 88yo mama. We DO see that rocket near Huntsville on I-65, and I think to myself, “I must check the Space Center someday”. When I travel on my terms, good food WILL guide my itinerary. BTW, I wonder when that fucking gigantic confederate flag along I-65 between Birmingham and Montgomery will come down… I think it’s the Sons.