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We took our family to the Netherlands based on your recommendations in 2017. Best trip of our lives. Thank you for your shows. My son runs in the room when he here’s the music from your show. We saw Haarlem, Freisland, Rotterdam, Utrecht. So glad we went considering we arent allowed to go right now.

  • I went to the Rijksmuseum I could not tear myself away from The Nightwatch. I felt as if I were standing there amongst those townspeople. By the way, if I remember correctly, it’s so big they had to remove a section of the roof to get it into the museum.
  • Amsterdamed in 2007 & 2010, by tradition I would save museums for rainy days, and sure Enuff, there was no rain, so now thankfully Rick Steves takes me there. It was too overwhelming for me. I only got through 2 floors. I loved the Van Gogh. I saw all of it very early in the morning!
  • This was one of the most striking memories from my visit to Amsterdam a couple of decades ago. I didn’t have time to do much, but I was able to see the Rijksmuseum and this painting. Rembrandt’s famous light and the way the subjects are posed brings the scene so much to life that you feel they’re about to grow voices again and speak.

This one is special for me, as the Rijksmuseum is the last of many famous museums I visited with my mother. I’m so enjoying Rick’s daily dose of Europe. His etchings are my favorite art in Amsterdam, well actually all of Europe that I have traveled. The black and white prints like photography, you cannot cheat with color. The composition, the shadowing,…all in perfection.

While at the museum in Amsterdam that displays this beautiful art..you can watch a movie about the restoration after it was sliced by a vandal..they found an entirely different picture the artist originally painted. I saw this masterpiece last year when I Amsterdam on business. They had recently started the long restoration project…in the open…behind glass. You can follow the restoration work online. It’s quite fascinating.

I saw this last year in Amsterdam. The museum was taking pictures of every microscopic surface of the painting (the machine in front is the “camera”) to figure out how it needed to be restored. It is huge and glorious. Hope I get a chance to visit the art museums in The Netherlands again

Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat Captain Spaulding Sid Haig poster

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