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Cat I wear a mask for you please wear one for me face mask

Cat I wear a mask for you please wear one for me face mask

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Marcia Deveto You’re nothing but a sheep Marsha! If you had half a brain you would remember 3 1/2 years ago all of the polls are wrong then to because they’re only polling lib tarts and democrats , Republicans and conservatives wouldn’t give you the glory and telling you we’re gonna be out for even though you know who’s gonna win so kiss my ass bitch That is such bullshit! Black Lives Matter is a violent political party that wants to destroy this country and are using Black people and the stupid college kids, and Biden as their puppet of doom. Bring it on the silent majority is tired of being silent we’re ready to take care of business! needs to cut back on the spray tan. He wont pass for Obama’s long lost brother no matter how hard he tries & his false teeth look radioactive the way they glow against his fake spray tan.
And as a foreigner, you need to stay out of our election…. Unless you’d like us weighing in on the Royal Pedophiles & the Weakest Link, Hapless Harry who’s so stupid he got conned by a D-list actress. Now they sit in LA while the British Tax Payers fund their Security & extravagant lifestyle. Seriously people, this is all part of the plan. Neither Joe nor his VP will be calling the shots. Just think of the lies and corruption that’s been going on up to this point. Who is smart enough to keep the lies going on? There’s a whole team planning this election – maybe some of the same people Trump is exposing right now!