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Cat Nice Butt poster

Cat Nice Butt poster

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I’ve heard Him today through service to my family by keeping in touch and making sure they stay safe at this time in our lives. God loves each of His children and so hear Him as we love our brothers and sisters regardless of their status. Thanks for the lovely post. I felt his love for my husband and I as our ministering brother and his son came to give my husband a blessing before hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning, and giving me a blessing for calm, since I can’t be at the hospital with him. Thank you for your great example as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your countless hours of service on our behalf.
I heard the Lord’s voice, today, through an answer to my prayers for my daughter. She is having health issues and wasn’t sure if the specialist she was recently referred to would accept her health insurance. Initially her research pointed to a dead end so she asked me to pray for a miracle. Today she excitedly informed me that the doctor accepted her insurance. She knew our prayers had been answered; the Lord did indeed provide the much needed miracle she desperately needed. Thank you for your talk “An Especially Noble Calling”. It helped me understand better how covenants coupled with personal righteousness can bring real godly power into our lives. The Lord does love effort! Thank you for yours and for your prayers. I need them! It is not easy being alone away from family and friends. The Savior is my connection in getting through the day. I love to hear gospel centered music, reading and watching uplifting programs. My heart just hurts when I listen to the news and what is happening around us. The Savior truly is someone I trust and I know HE is there for me. Thank you for asking the question above. It has helped me to Remember and have gratitude for my blessings!