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Cat Pew Pew Madafakas! hoodie

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Started by democrats in resistance to Republicans. That info is on the web. Antifa states that they are Marxist. get you head out of the clouds. My 401K is back to where it was in January, my taxes have not gone up. You may want to focus on adulting rather than childish name calling. my faith in humanity wants to think they have a brain but they sure lack cognitive skills. Or perhaps they are a part of the evil that the DS has perpetrated upon us. I agree with you 100%..we have to get out and vote for Republicans! We also need to make sure the voting machines are not compromised and make sure people working at the polls are honest unlike what happened in the last election! Linda Iannelli and the current administration isn’t corrupt, led by a grifter? Am I missing something. Middle class is left out. I’d love to be enlightened. The next Pres who isn’t Trump will have a deep recession or depression, the likes of the 1918 pandemic and the 1968 civil unrest movement. If Biden gets the election it will be the hardest presidency of the nation after FDR. If Trump is still Pres, it will be the same, nothing to get done. He doesn’t fret for the American people and he’d be that much closer to setting his own agenda as an authoritarian leader.

Have you noticed BLM and antifa. That is attacking personally. That may be just dandy with you but I don’t like it and am against their terrorism. I’ll address you and the fact that she presented statistics(facts) while you called her names (childishly ignorant). In fact, you haven’t said anything other than “Obama sucked” which is a fact less opinion based statement. Go away.