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Cat Starry Night Van Gogh poster

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We saw many beautiful Bernini sculptures while in Rome last year. Such beauty is overwhelming, the inspiration of which lasts a lifetime. Thank you, Rick Steves, for your travel notes! Loved all the Bernini sculptures in the Borghese as well as those all around Rome. Bernini’s work is breathtaking and my favorite.

  • I loved the Borghese museum. Using ricks guidance, we secured tickets for this on the free day in an effort to avoid the crowds and lines at other places. We probably wouldn’t have gone if not for that rec, but it was wonderful and the walk up thru the park was a wonderful experience.
  • Godlike and dramatic. The Borghese is of the few air conditined places in Rome. I was there during last summer’s surreal heatwave, so I stayed in the Villa examining this slice of heaven for a loooong time.
  • I watched a three season series on Netflix called Medici. It is the story of Florence. The artist Bernini has a part in the story as the Medici family was very influential in the arts. It is worth seeing, and gives a lot of history of Florence and the Medici family. Loved visiting Florence and the area, especially Tuscany, and did enjoy the series.

Visited the Borghese Museum in our 1st day in Italy 2013. Loved all of the art especially this statue. I remember being pretty tired and thought I’d better not sit on any benches or I’d fall asleep! Walked back to our accommodations in Trevi Fountain area afterwards.

Michelangelo’s Pieta aside, this is my absolutely favorite piece of sculpture. Pictures don’t do it justice, although your description comes close! The leaf detail is so delicate. My favorite b&b in Rome is named for it, which makes it easy to remember!

Honestly, there are not enough words to describe my love for the Borghese. We make it a point to go there every time we are in Rome. It is simply fabulous.

I’ll never forget the gasp I heard from my students when we rounded the corner and they saw David at the other end of the hall in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. I purchased their tickets for this and it was well worth the 144euros.

Cat Starry Night Van Gogh poster