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Cat Worn by force not by fear face mask

Cat Worn by force not by fear face mask

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Blame it on bad people breaking into houses no common sense and most of what ifs. What ifs are not about life just for an instant. Pointing fingers at people does not bring back the young man back from the grave. I am sorry but I will not make an excuse for the behaviors. All are wrong … people stealing, Ignoring people and carrying deadly weapons are damn stupid. There is your unabashed truth. Georgia needs to step up and incarcerate these men immediately for the murder of an innocent and defenseless man. I can’t imagine what this young victim experienced in his last moments of life while being harmed from out of know where. This exceeds murder but premeditated torture to loved ones left behind. Evil with ignorance equates to pathetically driven outcomes. I’m so sorry for the hurt and pain this has brought to
Ahmaud’s family . I don’t understand why both men have not lost their freedom and incarcerated through a trial. This seems to happen over and over and over and OVER AGAIN! I am highly upset and pissed! When will this CRAP STOP HAPPENING! The hopped in their truck, gun in tow to confront him and ask him some questions! I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS! Why on earth hasnt ANY descions involving this case been moved out if glynn county district.. without a doubt there is conflicts of interests in every dept concerning this. X policeman 1st conflict I. The da be cause he worked as an Investigator and im sure definately I. Those 2 previous jobs most of the judges are familiar with him… and the gun that was reported by travis I’m curious as to if they checked to see if it was used.. this situation is a crying shame that even in 2020 so many ppl have ignorant behavior.. my prayers are with this young man’s entire family and friends…