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Catzilla Japanese Sunset Style Hoodie

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I’ve always loved her and I love that she’s using her platform to inform and encourage people to research the issues and inform themselves about what’s going on. they’re across the ocean in a culture that is largely racially homogenous. As a result, progress on individual interracial interactions have not moved as quickly as they do in a largely multicultural society. A lot to unpack here. There’s racism but…idk it’s weird. Don’t know how to really explain it. bro just download her discography. Literally one of my all time favorite artists. And if you like j-rock Abingdon boys school is also one of my favorites. I’ll check that out. Been trying to expand my collection cuz i mostly have stuff bu Hitomi Tohyama. Love the Japanese music with R&B influences.

Curious how that’s gonna help there… I figured the Japanese just kick out all the “filthy gaijin” that give them a hard time. Those still doubting that racism is a problem better remember how the coronavirus sparked discrimination against Asian people until just recently.” this right here tho. It’s crazy how people on the other side of the planet see the systemic racism in the United States, then you have those Americans that live here and swear they don’t see it. I hope it does too Utada I hope it does too. I had been listening to her since 2002….glad to see her on board. This is a bigger movement than Storm Area 51. But yeah I hope it does too. Interesting. Pulling from her first English album. Exodus 04 is prolly my favorite from that album. Though I like Easy Breezy simply because it kinda ridiculous.

I was such a nerd I would call radio stations asking to play her. They’d be like, who? I knew it wasn’t looking good and I didn’t like it. I was soooooo waiting for her to explode here. I’m also sad about that. I was hoping she’d sign on and stay with Timbaland. I’m happy to see the wave and I support the change ! Yesss ! It’s gonna be a difficult one but at least they’re listening now. This channel is by a brotha that lives in Japan and he interviews a lot of black people about their experiences living in Asia. Good stuff if you haven’t checked any of it out before. If you have, my bad.