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Chainsaw Killer Masquerade 3D face mask

Chainsaw Killer Masquerade 3D face mask

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Governor, please make the call to CLOSE SCHOOL BUILDINGS🚌 this fall, so that educators have a month to plan for a good virtual learning experience and communities can work on childcare solutions for families in a bind. The case studies from communities that have reopened schools, from other countries that have reopened schools, and the numbers you cite in this article are MORE than cause for concern. They are CAUSE TO CLOSE buildings and save the lives and long-term health of students, teachers, their families and entire communities. Thanks for all you do.Please, do not delay this decision–schools and families need clear direction today to plan accordingly. I know that not everyone can send their children to private school or homeschool them. But I URGE You to teach your children that if they’re forced to wear masks all day at school… take the mask off and take deep breaths MANY TIMES throughout the day. As often as possible. The bumps are from bacteria. And that bacteria can, and does enter the lungs. Just tell them “NO MATTER WHAT, TAKE DOWN YOUR MASK AND TAKE DEEP BREATHS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE”.. since our Governor is being a stupid fear monger don’t let this happen to your kids. you realize people in Asian countries have worn masks for years, any time they are in public. They seem to handle it just fine. Do not encourage your child to take down their mask inside the school building and take deep breaths you do that outside!