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Charlie Daniels 1936-2020 Thank you for the memories shirt, tank top, hoodie

Charlie Daniels 1936-2020 Thank you for the memories shirt

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I agree, they do need appreciation. They are heroes for sure but my post was meant to point out that everyone deserves recognition. telephone workers and lineman are not the same thing. The voltage and risks are far between but like Desiree said. Its not to take away from nurses but to get it out there that others need to be mentioned as well. April 18th. I’m sorry that happened to your husband. I know how serious their ppe is especially when one little pinhole in their gloves can end their life. Well, I hope they Reconsider because WHAT’S TRUMP done for them besides increasing the deficit by $ 3 trillion & saddle us Taxpayers with the debt? Also, do they know he has spent $ 115 million Taxpayers $$ on golfing? If Trump gets re-elected soon WE won’t have any clean water or air to breed ! Think about it, Folks ! You are right about Linemans job Being dangerous.In my 42 years as a lineman,10 fatalities on different jobs I worked on.Electrocution, falls,Equipment failures,MVA.One lineman lost in arm by coming in contacts with a 4,000V line.Safety standards are a lot better these days.Years ago I would work 18 hrs straight on storm breaks restoring power.When you’re tired that’s when you make mistakes.Thank god I was able to retire in 1 piece.I did have a fall And broke my right leg in 5 places. Torri Simoneaux Hello dear, I read your comment and your comment was wonderful, but we’re not friend on Facebook, only the Patriot Review, I sent you a request but it didn’t go through, please send me a request let’s be friends if you don’t mind, thank you. Traci Dinkelman read the comments…i said during this epidemic you don’t hear anything about them and that nurses are heroes but all need to be recognized. Traci Dinkelman can you read? Or do you just not read the comments because you want to be rude. I shouldn’t have to explain myself 100x. I said nurses are heroes during this pandemic but we shouldn’t leave out the rest of the guys as well. If you stop being salty and think about it for one second, have you heard anyone thank lineman for going off to work during this pandemic?? No one has.