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I have to write it again… Actually I can’t be arsed but Julia has already clued you up anyway, so no I’m not homophobic never have been my job in the hospitality industry has meant I have always worked with many Gays and as Julia has already mentioned my youngest son Ian came out gay twenty years ago when he was sixteen. I’m very proud of him he is very successful and a staunch Conservative too, what a bonus! so what is the relevance in a death of a man in America. What does that have to do with Britain. We could state the same thing about the relevance. I can show you hundreds of facts that prove I’m right. Yes the left is very evil as recent events have shown in China, Russian ,Eastern Europe, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba Venezuela.

Nobody who is aware of the BLM manifesto, which is to overthrow our Democratic Capitalist way of life and to abolish the Police Force to mention but two, would support this Hard Left Wing Marxist Anarchistic Political Group…. They are prepared to achieve their goals by any means necessary ( except by a democratic vote because they know they can never accomplish that) including subversion… I yet to met an intelligent socialist. A political organisation that so deeply imbedded in communist policies. The only difference is that communist are honest about their aims unlike socialist who claim it people who control and profit from it. Communist admit that the state controls everything including what your allowed to say. You never get anyone trying to escape from a capitalist country to live in a socialist country. you do know 35% of the NHS staff are immigrants and there are still masses of vacancies they cannot fulfil! If that 35% were to leave we would be in trouble! You both laugh so I assume you refuse any non white doctors or nurses even if that means waiting longer since you have such an issue with “immigrants”.