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Damn right I am a Chicago Cubs fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

Damn right I am a Chicago Cubs fan Now and forever shirt 0

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The reason is because the mask is not 100% so if everyone has their face covered it is safer. It’s like if you sneeze with a kleenex covering or nose or just let the sneeze go, which would you rather have?? Makes more sense for everyone to do their share. I have COPD which makes it more difficult to breath but I do my part to help protect others. because they work the opposite of how you think. They’re not protecting you from others, they’re protecting others from you. The infected need to wear them to stop the spread to uninfected. They reduce the infected droplets in the air by keeping them in the mask. With so many asymptomatic individuals it’s better that everyone wear one, as you could unknowingly spread it to someone even when you don’t have symptoms. If you look up the experiments of coughing/sneezing on a petri dish with and without the mask, you will see the difference. there is no cure for the virus. There are vaccines with promise undergoing testing. Scientists and medical professionals want to make sure they work before mass production. Same reason cars go through crash tests etc. before new models are released. As much as I wish there was one now, I would rather have it be effective than get it only to get COVID because it wasn’t effective, or to have some bad side effects. if people who are high risk wear one and they work…. why should they be worried about others not wearing them? I’m just trying to come up with some sort of logic out of this. No one can answer my question. If they work, then why are people who are wearing them so worried about me not wearing one…. can you not understand why I want to know? The CDC came out and said they actually do not know if asymptomatic spread it…. it been shown that wearing masks are not healthy ( but I know… doctors wear them, I don’t know about that as I have also heard doctors say, actual doctors not the media, that people should not be masked……) and if it’s ordered to wear a mask everywhere ( at least in my State) to “slow the spread” then we should reopen everything if the masks really work. Read between the lines, the hypocrisy is fascinating…