Buy it now: Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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Congratulations sir I certainly hope so and these people that are saying where’s the evidence you don’t play your cards until the time comes thank you again for everything you’ve done for this country I pray you win this election Then they’re shocked that true American majority force came out which dwarfed the BLM/antifas and their dazed supporters…

  • Anne Marie Casey It’s a foregone thing….. This was all organized/planned to catch as much as possible of the Deep State/Cabal in this election activity….. A host of regular citizens allow themselves to be caught in the web/trap as well…. A ton load of election day workers, USPS workers, etc….. Jail/prison time for them along with the “bigger heads” as well… Politicians, etc….
  • Anne Marie Casey Your post are always excited. How are you doing. I have tried to send you a request so many times. But it doesn’t go through, could you please send me a request lets chat if there is time for us.
  • Anne Marie Casey actually, you do not level a very serious accusation that questions something as important as your electoral system without evidence and the fact that you don’t even expect him to do this very basic thing is hugely alarming for the future of your country and the impact it can have on the rest of us.

You have blind trust in a man that has done literally nothing to earn it. He has proved repeatedly with his misinformation, threats and bully boy tactics that he absolutely cannot be trusted. He said before he was even elected that he would not concede if he lost. What is it going to take for you to see him for what he is. He is a reality television star with a history of lies and fraud.

I hope you are doing good now and having a pleasant time . i would like to use this opportunity to tell you something about me as we are both behind the screen trying to know more about each other .. yes he won but the democrat want to take the win from him but God won’t allow that to happen. That’s why we all the Christians who love him we should pray for him not only for him but for us because God is doing this for us through him

Biden has in front of millions on national and worldwide news, sniffed children stroked their hair there breast it sick and considering he is in the sespool with the likes of Hillary. You truly make no sense.

Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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