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Maybe the original intention was to honor a group – the American Indians – just like the Green Bay Packers were named for the group of meat packers. Should this be considered racist? I agree with the majority and think it’s a disgrace! Bowing down and giving way to a small group of small minded people. It’s so sad what is going on in this country. A few calling the shots and we succumb. It is not racist, it is a tribute to the fighting spirit of the native Americans. This is a small issue in a bigger picture that is not being addressed. Wake up America! True, a name change is not about me, but I can question how we are being led in such a direction by a so few. Could we get offended by bigger issues? Children being murdered by unbelievable abuse, elderly abuse, homeless people, vandals rioting and destroying in the name of racism, people unable to provide for themselves, defunding of police, lack of adequate medical care for all, and so on. Get a grip and pick an bigger issue. what vandals? Ever since it was ousted that it was outside people that caused the riots they stopped. And it may not be a major issue to you but it is and has been a big issue for others. So sit down and shut up. I always looked at it as honoring the Indians of Washington . So now all native names will be stricken? I think this country has way bigger issues to address. Lisett Anderson They are native Americans. Aboriginals. Indians come from India. Really – that needs to be explained to you? No wonder you’d defend the Redskin name . No, I edited it because I forgot to add Aboriginal. And what would make you think I was heated? That’s quite the reach there, but that seems to be your thing.