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I didn’t mind the man until he was running my country into the ground. Admit your hate for Muslims and whoever he deems thugs clouds your judgment enough to support a self proclaimed pedophile that is as far from christlike as they come. that’s called an ad hominem and is what we intellectuals refer to as a logical fallacy. My hairline has zero to do with your choice of president being a lying sexual predator. In fact I could be completely bald and it would not change the fact that Trump has cases in California and New York for raping a 13 year old. You should read about how he tied her to a bed then when he was finished he threw money at her and told her to get an abortion if she got pregnant. He was a Democrat then so that’s probably why he was so bad. He’s reborn now that he’s a republican! None of his passed transgressions matter right? the actual court cases and death threats to the victim on top of his payments to other victims leads one to err on the side of safety. Would you trust someone with your daughter who was involved in a court case such as that? If it quacks like a duck its probably a duck… defrauded both a veterans benefit as well as a childrens cancer charity. Neither he or his family is allowed to have non profits in New York anymore. He moved to Florida because New York cut him off for his corruption. This is all public record but you won’t hear it from his mouth or fox News so it must be fake right? one Is this versus is no one’s fault. Let’s get that clear. There’s not anyone that can stop this versus but yourself. So stop blaming Trump for something that China created. Only the liberals are spreading lye’s about this. So you need to do your part to protect yourself stop bring someone that’s sending the wrong massage.