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Hey man nice shot was a very excellent song I want to know were are you obsessed with Kurt Cobain or am I way off. How many years of your life did it take up. If it wasn’t Kurt Cobain who took up your thoughts was it the heroine epidemic throughout the western atmosphere of the United States

  • I’d love too. I’d get a super haircut and fry scream with this old dude the songs.. back to back with him… the new generation with the ancestor. The bonding time
  •  I have an IPhone it worked on my dog my sister has an android and it won’t work for her so maybe it’s your phone??? I love it!! sure makes my Shiba show her real attitude
  • I am happy they are healthy and I want my dogs to look like they are, so I wouldn’t bother trying to change their online image. It’s amazing to see how many miserable people there are. If you don’t want to use a filter on your pet then don’t. But don’t be a Debbie Downer for the rest of us who like to have fun with new technology.
  • You’re only showing how ugly you are (on the inside) or showing how old and out of touch you are. How about you just scroll by if you don’t like it and leave the rest of us to our laughing.

I wish I could post here (the option is unavailable) the photo of my dog with this filter. I laughed 3 hours after taking the pic. I have never seen smth more beautiful and funny at the same time

Why would anyone want to use ‘filters’ on their pets, or their children for that matter? I’m really content with what I have. Bizarre how some people want to ‘enhance’ what they have! P.s it’s really hot here and the slightest thing annoys me

Maybe we should do this with the dogs & make it a once a week thing. Parents won’t invest in an app like this (if it costs money) & they’ll be able to save the pics we post of them

My dogs both passed away during Covid (not from it) but I used the filter on old pics!!! Soo cute!!! I don’t like snapchat a filter for me and not for dogs dogs are beautiful as they are I think

Coughy Filter Starbucks face mask