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Hate to burst your bubble, but most ‘corps’ don’t remotely get bailed out every 10 years. And of course there is no ‘free market’ in health care. It is a hybrid government/private mishmash. For that I suggest you blame the Democrats – who want single payer. I more or less agree with you in theory, but please be aware of why things are the way the are – Democrats and Big Business Republicans. you obviously don’t understand what the free market really is, you are only partially right. You are never exempt from taxation, unless you have an arrangement with that government.
The free market is an economic system based on supply and demand with little or no government control. thank you for proving my point. Yes a free market can exist without taxation. Government is an obsolete program that provides nothing of value in today’s world. Everything government once did, except war, can now be done by the private sector, including security, posts services, roads, and safety. Done for far less and with less intrusion. The free market has grown enough to finally make the articles of confederation more realistic. We should now revert back to them. Yes I know there were problems with it but that was due to inadequacies with technology and information. most of the bailouts are preferred stock ownership by government or loans. Call them what they are. Health and college are where gov has help in a crony way to drive up costs. So we should tear the entire system down and replace it with a 5-year-plan?
I’m all in favor of ending corporate welfare for ALL businesses, including agricultural ones, but becoming a Socialist “paradise” will lead to ruin, misery and death for millions as it always does.