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Crazy Chicken Lady 2020 Quarantined mask

Crazy Chicken Lady 2020 Quarantined mask 1

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My mom rescued a baby Robin one time and taught him how to eat worms. It was pretty amazing. She named him King Arthur and he grew up to be a full grown state bird and she released him in the yard. After that, every time she would go outside and call for him he would come and land on her shoulder. That is the best of both worlds for that bird. He still got to be wild, but he still got to have his little human family as well. I’m so glad that you got to witness them do such a lovely thing for an animal. No doubt she lead by example in many other ways and you became A wonderful Person by her examples of love.

That singing is a distress cry. And she would never be accepted with other chickens unless you took at least a week or two of introduction. I’m glad she found her because chickens can be the sweetest creatures. They like to have friends, but we have a chicken who enjoys being alone. She was very sick when she was younger and couldn’t be with the rest of the flock. Now, she is all better, she is the same way. This is so sweet. I am a true animal lover and I admire people who are kind enough to help any animal in distress. I once helped a baby turkey that was hurt by the bigger ones. I treated it like a baby. It healed and grew up fast. When I would go to the pen it would come running so I would kneel down and it would jump on my lap. I gave it to a neighbor with a big farm with lots of animals. I would go by every now & then. When it saw me it would come running. Animals never forget those who help them. I love how she’s Vegan so she didn’t rescue one bird then put another bird (chicken) on her plate for dinner like a lot of the so called “rescuers” out there. Thank you Elavegan for sharing this beautiful uplifting story with us.