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Life is tough at the moment but hopefully it will start to improve . The sacrifices you make today will reap the rewards love from Melbourne Australia. You are making the right choice. I’m in MA. Our Covid number are finally down & our temps are staying up. We’re in Step 2 phase of opening. People are all over the map with their comfort levels. You do you! We all get to decide what is right for us & our family. Hoping you & your family stay safe & healthy. Hang in there, America is in a mess at the moment but things will settle. Us in Australia have done quite well with this horrible virus, we live in Sydney Nsw but over the past week Victoria has had another slight outbreak so hope it stays in their state and doesn’t spread around Aus. after all of us doing the right thing and self isolating the last thing we need is it too spread again. Stay safe. Bless you Tami for yr care for yr mum. so sad for your country right now. No effective leadership from anyone and a lot of selfishness. Praying for your leaders. Take care stay safe. From Australia. You are doing what you and your doctor feel is safe for you and your mother. You won‘t lose any friends. The ones that walk away were never really your friends. Stay safe. Best wishes from South Carolina.

You do what you think is right out of love for your family. Sending love from Australia. I am sorry that there is so much unrest an I hope and pray that it will improve soon. you have definitely made the right choice for your Mum and yourself. I am going to see my daughter and grandchildren for the first time in six months due to bushfires and the corona virus. It has been very hard but we all must try our best to protect ourselves and loved ones. Take care, hope things improve, best wishes.