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Dachshund We are the World shirt, hoodie, tank top

Dachshund We are the World hoodie

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I still praise my Otis when he goes to the bathroom and he’s 4, but treats i think we stopped around 1. Thats about the age when I started trusting my little guy. He is 24 weeks now and still no accidents anymore. He loves going outside. We never stopped with the praise or the treats. I guess that means we are now trained. I’m really not liking all these comments, I was hoping everyone was going to say if we stopped now he will be fine and just carry on going outside on his own. Mine is still having accidents he is only 12 weeks. But so adorable those eyes get me. We always go out with ours. There are hawks in our area and never leave him out alone.

Go out when you can, if your busy and you can’t he will understand. Remember he loves you unconditionally and you mean the world to him, so he wants to spend as much time as possible with you. Sometimes it might get old or be nuisance to you but every day with you is just a new exciting adventure to him! I go out all the time. Hawks and bald eagle are near us plus if I don’t go out the dig big holes in the yard. I never leave Daisy outside by herself. Too scared of wildlife and big birds. I go outside with my Norbit everytime….they get into stuff out there by themselves like, bees,frogs, snakes lil critters and for my Norbit plants and stuff he is allergic too.

My dog is 16 months old and I still go out with him and he gets a treat when he comes back in. I want to make sure he goes and he can’t be left alone in the yard. We have hawks in the area. For the rest of his precious life. He is so adorable! Love and praise him always. Never leave him outside alone, there are predators out there.