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Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask

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I lost my Papillon Lily 4 weeks ago I hand reared her she was only six I’m heartbroken and cry everyday…
However a plant has appeared in my garden …from nowhere, I couldn’t identify it but my neighbour came to see it and says its a ….Peace Lily….I’m hoping it’s a sign that my precious girl is safe and being looked after in Heaven

  • Don’t worry, they are happy. I lost my 19 year old poodle and my 18 year old rottie within 9 months. I was missing them so much. They came to me in my sleep. It wasn’t a dream. They were both young and strong. My rottie was strutting beside me in a green field under blue skies.
  • All of a sudden I heard my little poodle barking and the grass started to move. He ran to me and jumped up and grabbed my shirt the way he always did. The next morning I had a hole in my pj shirt right where he always left one. I also had a cat that died in my arms from old age. I could feel him jump in my lap as he did every morning when he was alive. He also snuggled with me in spirit as I slept. I would be petting him in my sleep. This lasted about a month
  • I had to put her down Xmas week 2007 and she died Dec 23 then my husband died Dec 25th‼️ But I know they’re together and crazy as it sounds one or the other visits all the time and that makes me happy. So.. Sad. for your loss. We are cat people and although I know we give them the best lives possible and shower then with love it still breaks my heart when we lose them.

My furry soulmate of 17 years, a fabulous Australian Cattle Dog named Miles, used to go to the pantry and paw at his big treat tin when he wanted a treat. One evening while I was making dinner, a few months after he passed, his treat tin suddenly fell out of the pantry onto the floor, rather forcefully. I know that was him, he was always quite demanding and bossy!

I believe same thing happened to me my aussie midnight only had a few months to live so I took some pics of her to my surprise her picture come out ghostly but behing her was a bigger aussie with 1 ear up and the other ear down midnight never had her ears up for the 12yrs i had her a year later i adopted another aussie and to my surprise i took a pic of him and it was the same dog that was in the ghostly picture with midnight i do believe that god goes to heaven and they r waiting for you

I lost my gorgeous rough collie 4 weeks and 2 days ago. She used to sit next to me on my couch, and on the remote for the tv and always changed the channel. When she passed the week after quite a few times the channel changed on the tv! And no one was near it! I think that was my girl saying I’m still here.

Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask