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Damn Right I am a Dallas Cowboys fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

Damn Right I am a Dallas Cowboys fan Now and forever shirt 0

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She is stupid but at the same time I do believe creating a go fund me for this is ridiculous. Was he right? Yeah Does he deserve money for it ? No, because it is very likely Starbuck backed him up to say no. I think this money would be better used towards health workers. If we did a go fund for every time a customer is rude to a merchant, we would never see the end of it. Well, in a way she can claim that she is at least 50% responsible for the reason to raise such an amount……. it’s like the Paris Hilton girl’s sex tape. She claimed half the money because she was a participant……. Also, when you are going out in the rain, are you going to wear a rain coat (N95 mask) or a hoodie (fabric face mask). She just trying to get money and sorry but chiropractor note for medial conditions doesn’t seem right. Usually it comes from primary care physician. Sound like she played victim to get money to me. Shame on you Let me get this straight. You get dizziness, shortness of breath, and mask acne from wearing your mask for less than 10 minutes to get your coffee? Why not go to one of the many drive thru coffee places. People like this are just trying to start trouble. This is a direct quote, where exactly does she think she’s expected to wear the mask? ”One document was a pelvic exam from 2015 with results that say ‘probable exophytic fibroid arising from the anterior wall of the uterus measuring 2.9 cm size,’ and ‘simple 2.5 cm left ovarian cyst’.” I just have to say that she was the one to shame him online for telling her to wear a mask. She started this, and now she’s playing victim? Can’t be a victim honey when you started the drama in the first place. Had you complied or at the least let it alone and went on your day, none of this would have happened. Instead you chose to go back into the store, take his photo with out permission and got his name. Then you posted his photo and name online to shame him for doing his job! You caused all the fall out from this. You deserve nothing.