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Damn right I am a Wolverines fan Now and forever shirt 0

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So frustrating that people don’t get the science/research behind it and want to preach about “taking away our rights” or “it’s uncomfortable” or “”its just like the flu” or “I don’t want to” whine, whine, cry, cry like a spoiled child. It’s called being a decent human being! It’s called not being an a**hole! You just might be saving someone’s life for your few minutes of “discomfort.” the point of wearing a mask is NOT to protect yourself from others. The way a mask works best is by immediately filtering expelled moist air particles FROM the WEARER. Capturing them BEFORE THEY CAN BE STIRRED INTO COMBINED AIR SPACES.
Once those infective exhaled (non-masked) aerosols are in the air, a mask is only moderately effective against exposure. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth are all openings that can invite this virus aboard YOUR vessel. Your skin and even hair can even harbor these particles. Im asthmatic and carry an inhaler everywhere and use it. I also have anxiety problems and claustrophobia. I also work in a hospital as a phlebotomist and often have to wear my n95 under my other hospital approved mask. I still wear a mask every single day. Those who dont wear masks, dont see the point in them, thinks its violating their rights(its not); should come with me to the hospital, wear full PPE, two masks, a face shield, gloves, gown;to go see patients that are covid positive on ventilators. See them cry, try to speak, grab your hand, and so forth. I think those who dont wear them, think their useless, think its a violation; should see just what happens when they put others at risk. someone just told me where I can go here that sells the thinner cloth ones and something about nano technology so it’s still safe. I’m going to try those out. For now I either go to the store and try to spend about 5 min inside or my kids will go for me when they can. I do keep my inhaler with me and I have a steroid one too. But like I said, because I’m also claustrophobic with panic attacks, that will trigger a bad asthma attack unless I try to keep calm.