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There is only one dangerous breed humans shirt, hoodie, tank top

There is only one dangerous breed humans hoodie

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I live in a nursing home in Florida, and I’m coronavirus negative. Twice-tested. We have been in lockdown for more than 2 months, including residents who are virus-free and high-functioning. Why is no one even discussing an end to the severe restrictions placed on nursing home residents? Gov. Desantis’ office has not even acknowledged my email, nor has my state senator. My representative said she’d check with AHCA, but no one — NO ONE AT ALL — will discuss this with me. Not one word in the news or from nursing home staff. Do we not have civil rights? Please help. Please do not protect me “to death.” While he is in the highest position of power he’s not our leader as much as a guy doing his best to make our country function the best it can despite those trying to sell us out. If this is sooooooo contagious…..Why did Whitmer order patients to nursing homes instead of the 2 field hospitals that were built specifically for covid patients? Horrible woman! We are being played….wake up!

Alex Azar , your “ health “ Secretary was a Big Pharmaceutical Lobbyist!! He Pushed for jacking up medication prices!! Now a token to Seniors to bring it down to not that low of a price! What about the other millions dependent on insulin to stay alive !!’ Why do they still need to pay outlandish prices ! ? Having Azar as head is the same as putting the fox in charge of the hen house !! Wake Up!

Mister president,pls ask the research doctors to find way to cure the liver and pancreas and they will be diabetes no more. Those in pharmaceutical company focus on stagnate the disease but those who are diagnosed with diabetes they can be cure.