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We will miss you guys so so much… Thanks for the awsome 15 years and so many funny, scary, hurting,emotional, loving moments. Biggest greats and thanks and hugs from Germany. This show was a huge part of my life! When my son went out of state to attend college we had our weekly show breakdown phone call. I have never missed an episode. These characters are like my family. Going to need some tissues tonight.

  • Love the show! Love your characters! You both put your heart and soul into every episode. I’m sad it’s coming to an end but what a great ride it’s been! Hope to meet y’all one day if you’re ever in TN
  • You said exactly how i felt especially the last one, i feel sad but I try not to be sad that it’s over, but be thankful that I had it for so long. I had been watching this since the begining and its 15 years of my life, that they are apart of it. thank you so much for the wonderful times…
  • My heart is shattered into a million pieces now after the finale, but i’m so thankful to have had 15 years of the best tv show ever to watch and become part of the fandom/family. I will forever be a Dean girl and Jensen will always be my favourite actor and man on the planet. SPN will forever be in my heart (what’s left of it, lol) and on my tv screen.

I feel exactly the same…for Dean,for the show for everything you said…i was too blessed to meet them and i wish i could do it one more time…they will always have the best place in our hearts and lives…we are their legacy through time…!

and we will always have the show forever!!!we thank them and love them for everything they offered to all of us all these years!!!and i wish for them all the happiness and success of the world!!!yes we will cry….but it will be both happiness and sadness…carry on and always keep fighting SPN FAMILY!!!we love you!!!

You just said everything I feel. I have watched this.show thru all my bad times and especially thru my great times. I am in love with Dean Winchester. Yes, I know he is a fictional character, but I love him just the same. I too connected with this character.

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