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Also, it would be hard to prove that the positive tested guest was the one who gave the virus to the victim. For example, there could have been another guest at the party who was also contagious but wasn’t tested. And the victim admitted he had been out and about before the party; it is possible he already had the virus when he went to the party. It seems likely that the positive guest gave him the virus but for a criminal charge you need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and there’s plenty of reasonable doubt. For civil you need a preponderance of the evidence and even that might be difficult. But nobody yet has been prosecuted, certainly no criminal charges. It’s not enforceable. It’s good that the threat increased vaccination rates, but many are still not vaccinating by choice. The law, if enforced, also would be an opportunity to fine and jail people who are so poor they don’t have access to doctors/vaccination, or forget (because they are busy trying to survive on a day to day basis), or for another reason other than not wanting to vaccinate their kids, don’t do it. find myself having to say this to more and more people. i say it without judgment or or the smallest amount of finger pointing. i say it with only the thought of each of us waking up another day. it doesn’t matter what anyone tries to convince you of because, right now, these are the only words you need to remember: no cure. no treatment. Sharing this tragic story Wil Wheaton so can hopefully help prevent this from happening to another family. Thanks for sharing, hoping you, Anne and the boys are staying safe. Sending love and hugs to all Will. Unfortunately there is a message out there that we’re coming out of it. I’ve had emails from businesses saying that it’s now time to get out there and travel, get together, etc. It’s like they put this marketing in place for July and just decided to go with it no matter what the reality actually is. Not even stories like this sway people. If it’s open people go – maybe not as many, but a lot from what I’m seeing.