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Somewhere between a Disnerd and Star Wars geek there’s me shirt, hoodie, tank top

Somewhere between a Disnerd and Star Wars geek there's me hoodie

Buy it now: Somewhere between a Disnerd and Star Wars geek there’s me shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Nice. Will definitely be there in 2022. Glad they understood that fans who went through it this year wouldn’t be able to go and that it’s just not safe. Yeah, but it’s a big middle finger to anyone who already put their tickets up for sale through Lyte. I’m not sure how that works but wouldn’t it have been easier to just wait and see what the official response was before anything else? They initially did say they would refund or transfer tickets beforehand. They posted a long while ago that tickets would be refundable or transferable. How is following through on that exact promise an insult to anyone? Thank you so much for keeping this in Anahiem and rescheduling. We will have an awesome time in 2022! Also 20 years of Attack of the Clones! Please have Natalie Portman do autographs and photo-ops!

I am incredibly disappointed and hoping I’ll still have enough health left to attend in 2022. But, I plan to be there! And, for those who think going would have been just fine, you obviously haven’t experienced Covid. You obviously haven’t experienced almost losing someone to it (who is still in the hospital 2 months later). And, most likely you haven’t experienced losing someone to it. I think this was a wise and brave decision, and I think we will all be better off. Not thinking of myself, just hoping everyone stays well! Thank you for postponing and keeping everyone safe. I do not feel comfortable gathering with others yet! 2022 is fine with me! I’ll happily transfer my tickets to the new date and see you all then. Wise decision. Thank you for all your hard work and we all appreciate the right choice you’ve made for the safety of the fans, crew and celebrities.