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Brandon Collins guess what ?? Me too. I did the same thing. Thankyou Brandon Collins for saying this.
Watching President Trump and just here praying for him. Christian and Prayer warrior and Conservative Republican here. I pray for everyone. I do not understand the haters. I know I will have someone out there will say something hateful to me cause I said this. Brandon Collins Bwahahahahaha!!!! The Dems will have to move a yuuuge way left to counteract how far right you’ve taken the Republicans, Donny. You guys are so far right that you think moderates are “leftists.” Time for our president to do something about the increase in domestic terrorism by his white supremacist supporters!Trump Uses Same Rhetoric As New Zealand Shooting Suspect After Condemning His Actions. The president condemned the mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch — then used language similar to the suspected shooter’s to describe immigrants. Brandon Collins please have him leave some trees behind near the rivers near his favorite golf courses,so we can enjoy too.

Steve Schick Morris I thought she laid out a well-spoken and thoughtful summary, that was objective. Many people feel the same. Adam Carin – thanks, well said, hope we can all handle the truth and the enormity of what they did and maybe are doing when it starts to come out. Your “dear leader” proves his traitorous Incompetence each and every day. Emulating his behavior just makes you all look like goose steppers from the American Nazi movement of the 1930s. Drink some coffee, stop shooting up dime bags of fascism. And start acting like adults with actual critical thinking skills. Steve Schick Morris Trump has six more years to trigger liberals and socialist Democrats like you just hang in there brother.