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Dogs make me happy humans make my head hurt face mask

Dogs make me happy humans make my head hurt face mask

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Frank you are wrong. It’s not our President,It’s the Democrats in Congress. You must be a Democrat well so am I but I took my head out of the Sand a long time ago. Wake up. Do you even know what you’re talking about? How are they responsible for this shitshow? They craft the bills/laws, that’s their job and they’ve passed over 400 of them that are sitting on McConnell’s desk. What does Congress have to do with it? You have no idea what the hell you are saying! I live in Portland. The Federal Government gave our Mayor several warnings about the destruction to the buildings, etc. Our pathetic mayor and the ACLU have let rioters destroy the city that used to be #5 as the best for tourist. All I see now is destruction, private property destroyed, people shitting on the streets, and the Mayor and ACLU allows it. I have seen elderly people trying to cross the streets, only to be jumped and beaten! You keep your damn snide remarks to yourself! I am fed up to see our city destroyed. My heart, and the heart of every decent human being, is heavy for the law abiding citizens of Portland and every city that has been decimated by these hired thugs. My prayers are with you. The BLM and Antifa need to be arrested and sent to some prison, they are not anything but trouble and are going to take us down if not stopped. why are we not picking them up? do not give Portland any money to rebuild. I say arrest ever Mayor and Governor that has let this happen. It’s got to be stopped before the Communist takes over. that’s their plan. take the country back from who? Other Americans who think differently? Arrest the criminals and enforce the laws for sure. Violate the constitution because we differ with other’s beliefs is the beginning of America not being a free country. And the homeless? They need help not arrested, although they would be better taken care of in prision… sad.