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Blue lives matter is not racist. Black Lives Matter IS racist. I support racial neutrality. Shame on Delta. I will not be flying them any time soon, assuming they are still in business.

  • When you personally begin a conversation with someone and include racist comments while flying on an airline… you’re gonna get told not to fly with them. C’mon people. She wasn’t banned from flying with them because of her mask or for backing police officers, she was banned for making racist statements to another passenger witnessed by multiple others.
  • Good. sick of these racists with the daily B.S., look at all the cowards on here with a cat, dog or flag as a profile picture spewing racist comments. The world will never be the same. Facebook has exposed a lot of undercover racists. smh. sad. That lady could have kept her opinion to herself. They can’t take it that the racism they have been spewing for years isn’t being tolerated anymore
  • On his way to rant about a false claim of racism. Then he supports a group of terrorists BLM that attack white people. BlM is the racist terrorists and Delta is pandering.

The said WHEN THEY SAY “Black lives matter” they mean it…WAY BEFORE an organization was named the same thing, People knew It was a simple statement acknowledging that Blacks have been PURPOSEFULLY degraded and oppressed in this country BY GOVERNMENT DESIGN,for long enough.. It’s funny seeing people Using a couple of people’s views as a means to disregard, a whole organization or company. If we were to say Maga was a criminal organization because so many people from the Tump administration have gone to jail, how quick supporters would find ways to disprove the theory..

Delta you back BLM which is fine but why do you allow your employees to wear a pin supporting BLM? To some people that may also be offensive. If you cater to one movement you must cater to all. Sorry but you won’t find me on Delta.

Soooooo a white racist woman was called out by a bunch of ppl on the plane and the company immediately corrected the situation where racism is apparent. So tell me again how everybody and the system is racist again? I’m confused, it definitely seems like most people are not racist!

Don’t California My Arizona shirt