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DpCh Mod 40th Anniversary 1980-2020 V-neck

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For someone who is fully involved in pedophilia he should just keep his trap closed!! That light ain’t protecting him to much right now. Needs to be n95 to be effective the cloth masks are worthless. The people refusing are because cdc and media say one thing then a day later The opposite can’t trust anything they are telling us. Is that really the most pressing topic to ask this man???? Why do t you ask him about his relationship with jeffery Epstein??? Why don’t you ask him about the elite pedo ring he is connected to? they die because of various things related to complications from the flu. But hey, go ahead and dismiss it. Sure, by your logic, of which you have none, we shouldn’t do anything. But wearing a mask for a short period of time could save your life. But go ahead, your lack of common sense is truly stunning.
And you keep telling me to go away, but then you engage. I don’t argue with people who seem to think that someone shouldn’t have a voice because of their profession. Because they are small minded people. This has to be the first time in history that every country is working together to create the same hoax on their people. considering all races are not wearing masks, and asking certain races if they are American, is a freaking HUGE miss lol . Och. Maybe he could say, it feels it IS American to wear a mask and all Americans should, that would be better then asking people of a certain race if they are American. Why did he go to Greece just after Epstein’s girl was arrested. I want to know why he was on that plane. Could care less what he thinks of us not wearing a mask. Dumb Fools just like drinking “Lysol” or taking a medicine that they FDA said did not work…..Who wont wear one but goes on a PR because of the owner of GOYA beans did when he build up “Lord Trumps Ego” as Putin-Kim,Jung-Un and the President of Turkey does as Bolton said they just used him like a “Court Jester” which is what he is…..Thats why Tom….Thats why… I believe everyone should wear a mask to help beat this nasty virus, but I have to say I absolutely hate it when Trumpites call out other people’s patriotism, so I don’t want to duplicate their actions by calling out other people’s patriotism too, so on that point I really don’t like the way Tom Hanks is going about calling out these fools. I prefer to just call them self-centered, selfish, ignorant idiots for not wearing masks.