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Driving my husband crazy one goat at a time Hoodie

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Cynthia Lawson Harding I guess it depends on the Charter School as to if busses provide transportation or not. I know of at least one in Wilson County that does provide transportation even to the county kids. Marci Rollins-Smart I could have written your response. My husband was a private school lifer. Me, public school lifer. I had a great experience. As he says, private schools have drugs, just the more expensive kind. He’s never tried an illegal drug in his life but they were available to him, even in private school. When we had our daughter, he was full on private. I waffled a bit but in the end, my daughter needed the smaller classrooms and personalized attention. We went private and we’ve never looked back. My only guilt is that I wish all kids had accessibility to smaller classrooms, an investment in the arts, etc. it seems this is key to me. The public schools need to have their hands untied to be able to better support the children, teachers and families.

I do not for a minute pretend to know the answers. I can say that as the daughter of an educator and a mama to 4 kids both bio and adopted both “gifted” and “learning challenged” we have had to remove several of our kids from brick and mortar schools and do virtual school for some of the years of their education because of these issues being discussed. If private school can say NO to these behaviors then it seems there could be solutions for public schools to better support their teachers and students who are in harms way.