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They know that is money maker and they wont mess with that. Just goes to show, they really dont care about life, no matter what the color. If according to these anarchists, black lives matter, defund abortion, defund rainbow coalition, welfare, ebt…you name….oh wait, narrative change….back to masks, safe space, and china19 er…uh china20. there’s a simple solution for this. No welfare. No food stamps. No freebies. Why do other people have to pay for someone who’s too inadequate to take care of themselves. well the problem is we’re never going to be able to get rid of those now they’re entitlement programs and a lot of people basically live on it. However I don’t see any problem with basically saying okay whatever the reason you went on it originally that status cannot change. Additionally stop effectively just giving the money they have to go to specific places and they get things handed out to them Rush called it a commissary. I also am a firm believer that once you accept welfare or anything basically given to you at the expense of taxpayers you forfeit your right to vote. it it’s this is why the Democrats hone in on these people and create a massive welfare block because they’re creating a banana republic with it. oh if you don’t vote for us Democrats Republicans are going to take your handouts away and then you’re going to have to work. And so what do they do they vote Democrat it’s creating a voting majority and thereby a banana republic. So you going welfare you can’t vote sorry. want to build a vote get a job pay your taxes like everybody else who was paying for you to be on welfare. And for anyone else who reads this I grew up with a single mother on welfare we had everything paid for we had government cheese she had every welfare program you can imagine. She used the time she was on welfare to go to college to get some experience get some education and then she went to work for the postal service eventually becoming a postmaster for a small post office. So I know fully what it’s like to grow up that way.

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