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Dungeons & Dragons are ready to display the newest horror-weighted down adventure from the equal campaign setting that purchased you Curse of Strahdt. Van Richten’s e-book to Ravenloft no longer most effective takes you back to Ravenloft, but expands the settings more than ever before.

Van Richten’s book to Ravenloft

The newest horror-themed complement for Dungeons & Dragons, Van Richten’s book to Ravenloft, is a horrific deep dive into the nooks and crannies of Ravenloft. While Curse of Strahdt took you completely to Barovia, the domain of the titular villain, guide to Ravenloft will expand on the surroundings for Dungeon Masters by using deeply exploring 30 distinct domains within the Ravenloft setting.

The 30 distinctive domains featured in Van Rcichten’s guide to Ravenloft run the entire gamut of horror, from classic gothic horror to a zombie apocalypse, and even twisted fairytales. In brief, this latest effort from the lead designer become Schnieder, appears to be a love letter to horror itself.

“I’m an incredible fan of all things horror, so it become an absolute thrill to body this e-book round bringing scary features like mummy lords, cosmic terrors, and urban legends to extra D&D tables. Working with entertaining new voices in horror and visual artists like D&D idea artist Shawn timber became primary to make certain we’re updating the classy for nowadays’s fanatics while staying real to the roots of Ravenloft.”

if you weren’t already hyped for the brand new supplement, maybe this incredebly artwork from Paul Scott Canavan. Customise Your Scare

The newest D&D complement also gives suggestions and help to DMs who need to create their own domains, in addition to a custom Darklord to rule over them. however, Van Richten’s e book to Ravenloft is rarely only a tool for Dungeon Masters to create terrifying scares for their avid gamers, the publication allows gamers to revel in the darkness themselves.

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Hawaiian Shirt

New backgrounds and trinkets are the least of the brand new features gamers can draw from, with new subclasses for each Bards and Warlocks. One of the vital entertaining features of book to Ravenloft is the addition of three new races to play as. That you would be able to create an undead but still kicking Reborn, a Hexblood descended from a hag, or even a half-human, half-vampire, Dhampir.

Van Richten’s ebook to Ravenloft will be hitting cabinets digitally and bodily on can also 18th, 2021, but if you wish to get your palms on one of the world’s coolest alt-artwork covers you will need to make that trip to a actual save to choose one up.











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