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Easily distracted by music and beer shirt, hoodie, tank top

Easily distracted by music and beer hoodie

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I can’t believe everyone is still debating this. If everyone does it, exceptions can be made because the risk is much smaller all around. It’s a matter of understanding the math. I don’t follow you for anything other than for your honesty of mom stuff and your sharing of your precious Amos ….I don’t know what happened to people being able to have their own opinions and just scroll on if they don’t agree. Btw…I don’t always have the same opinions on everything you or anyone else has…but it’s okay!! Please everyone wear a mask if you can… I am appalled by the vitreous dribble people were posting on your post earlier about Forest. Can’t wait for this election to be over. Keep up the great fight, and the great posts! Second – my don’t be a maskhole shirt gets so many compliments!
Third – truth! We had to take our eldest to a specialist yesterday. He’s 100 lbs and wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy. I have the information and questions but my husband is the only one that can get him out of the chair on his own. They only wanted to let one of us in the room with him. I calmly explained the circumstances. The provider consented and all was fine. We just have to calmly stand up for our disabled kiddos. I am not making them political. Why is it that Democrats seem to have no trouble? My fellow Republicans struggle mightily. I wish Cooper would host indoor parties with no masks so I could bitch at him.