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Easily distracted by cats and autumn face mask

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May the Almighty God Bless you Always. Dr. Stanley. For always encourage people the truth about Jesus, it’s really aspiring in our lives. Glory to God. Please pray for my children and me God knows what we need one son needs a healing in his heart and more of Jesusi just pray for all to be healed in jesus name others need healing also they love Jesus pray we all never give up on himhes our life God bless you Charles Stanley all I have to say is we all.need God watch you on tv on Sundays keep up your word for God .God Bless You Sir

  • I watched this on tv this morning , yes most people ,not all but most don’t consider God at all. They live for only what they think is fun for the day. Without thinking about eternity. We need to pray more,I know I do. Just like Pastor Stanley said .
  •  This was a beautiful message! Just to show how timeless God’s word is, if it’s today, June 7, 2020 as if it were delivered today and just for me! Please be praying for my son. please he is going through so much spiritual battles in his thoughts and mentally and emotionally also. I really appreciate it.
  • Wonderful sermon, I pray that all listening,and watching,take Gods word, to their hearts, and choose today, to live by the HolySpirits guidance, into everlasting peace!

God continually lead and guide you as you teach and preach His Holy Word I enjoy the lessons and need to hear them and I thank God for you and praying for you as you preach and for all God’s many blessings to you

Such an excellent sermon. I always look forward to listening to your words of wisdom and encouragement. I particularly enjoy renewing my mind each time I spend an hour or two in the word with you

Awesome message and a reminder to ALWAYS keep ourselves focused on the Lord and not our circumstances! And to trust God’s leading! We walk by faith and not by sight

Easily distracted by cats and autumn face mask