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Easily distracted by music and wine poster

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Absolutely the best video I have seen in ages. Bella was having such a great time, and she certainly has trained her buddy well. Kudos to him for his love and patience. Thanks for making my day better. Play on, Bella, play on.

  • This was so great to watch she was having the time of her life what a precious moment and memory.You are blessed to have each other. You are a great doggie dad! He is so funny and it is so nice to see your love for him! And he is living his best life and bringing you along for the ride, enjoy!
  • I keep watching this over and over. The funniest bit was when her owner gets hold of Bella and starts pulling her away and Bella breaks free for another go. The dog was having a ball. Just the kind of laugh we need at the moment. Good on ya Bella!!
  • This is so precious, makes me want to take my dog right over to the fountain park I’m just let him go. He loves water loves to swim. Oh this cheered me up so much. Bella having the time of her life, so funny when her dad let go and Bella went straight back for another play.

Oh brilliant, loved the way she knew how to stand over the fountain to spray him all over. One really trusting dog and owner. Good partnership. My dog wouldn’t get out of a pond where she was chasing and swimming in places after 2 pairs of ducks who were protecting their babies who they had hidden in reeds. I had to phone her dad to get her out after an hour!

Our Bella is just as michevious and sneaky when she wants to be. Told her to go bed the other night. Never said which bed so she jumped on my sister’s instead. You can see the sheer playfulness in her eyes…good luck with that one will run rings around you but ha ho have bucket loads of fun in the process…I do miss my dog companion

My dog was a water rat too. She would play for hours in any pond , when it was time to go home she would swim into the deep end we had to swim after her grab her to get her to come out again. She was a malamute/husky/wolf dog. Very sweet and talked al the time . Sure miss her.

Easily distracted by music and wine poster