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Good article FEE. Well of course. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Democrats have played the part of the clueless, not very bright character, in the most hackneyed movie one can imagine; who runs into a scene and screams out the incendiary – “We’re all going to die!” And then fades into a state of utter blathering uselessness.

  • Yep – that little analogy sums it up nicely. They act like impetuous, clueless five year old’s, holding their breath and throwing a tantrum to get their way. No, that is an insult to five year old’s throwing a tantrum – these clowns are far worse. Resist Slow Joe and Frau Harris!
  • I agree,love to you all trying so hard to get the message out to people. It is such a hard time for so many…but remember just one thing in the your time of darkness you are everything and we need you…
  • we are going through a time of history that alot of people would of never imaged could happen, but we are all in this together so if you know someone that is down, give kinds words of encouragement, even if you do not know them and they are on the streets talk and tell them that, I do that all the time.

Are we really surprised? This too seems like a common sense outcome of loss of job, disrupted patterns, and isolation. One does not need to be a psychologist to know humans need connection and affirmation. If people and experience are removed, enter drugs, excessive alcohol, and any other destructive behavior one can do on one’s own.

Lock downs caused more harm than Covid19. And extended lockdowns in far left controlled states have been devastating on every aspect of life. Idolaters suffer during these unconstitutional lock downs because they go back to what they know, how to do wickedness. They just got exposed.

God still loves them as He did in John 3:16. This is the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Please stop talking about the left like they are the only ones responsible for not securing our right to liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Republicans are doing the same thing. You guys are playing it way too soft and that’s why Trump got in office. The country didn’t think Ron Paul could win and Trump was the next best person which they thought could win and be effective.

Deck the halls with skull and bodies Falalalala Valhalla Christmas shirt,tank top, hoodie

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