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Kudos to you Adrian, I caught the grammatical error as well and noted it as well as “taxpayers'” on my repost of the NC Dept of State Treasury FB page.
Also noted that his salary and health insurance plan are much better and probably cost taxpayers much more than mine does. Flint Benson He does not seem to be speaking to the senators or representatives What else do you know? Since it is a state controlled plan with decisions made by the NCGA and they typically vote more for themselves and less for teachers, I would need to see the plan that they get offered and what their premiums are. I just have no trust left … Legislators are considered State Employees and are on the State Health Plan with the same ID membership card with the same co-pays, deductibles, premiums, etc as the rest of us on the SHP. They also have not had a pay increase since 1993. Decisions for the SHP are not made by the Legislators but by the State Health Plan Board of Trustees. Funding for the plan is provided in the budget each year. Any Legislator can verify this for you. During this whole thing, they are failing to mention the state is the largest employer in NC. Of course it costs a large amount, they are insuring a large group! And the employees, #1 pay taxes just like every other NC citizen, #2 pay a fortune for dependent coverage and #3 have been contributing to the cost of their own healthcare for several years now. I’m no longer a state employee (unfortunately some local govt insurance is no better) but I was for 22 years. The first I heard of this entire concept A couple of years ago from a friend who has to have a procedure monthly. Locally the cost is outrageously expensive and she drives to Wilmington for it. She is one of the one who communicated with our state treasurer about her situation.  I’m a nurse and work in one of the large hospital systems in Winston-Salem. We were provided a script because so many patients and families were calling or asking questions. We have patients in the midst of cancer treatment and if dealing with cancer is not enough now they have this. I am not an expert on reimbursement or costs but I do know health care organizations can’t survive on Medicare/Medicaid pricing. Unless you want the quality of care to equate to that of a long term care facility. Their customers are 100% Medicare/Medicaid and we all know what type of staffing, care, and environment that payment structure offers. The cost of doing business is ridiculous; we have an entire department that does nothing but deal with prior authorizations, another that deals with contracts, another that deals with denials, etc. Cutting out all the administration, paperwork, and insurance dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” would be a start!