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Vidant isn’t a state system. It’s a private, not-for-profit and all of surplus that is ever made is invested back into the 29 county healthcare system to function on a daily basis. So whatever that $800 million may be reported, it is not a profit. Those reports just cherry pick data to paint a picture that they want to portray, which is why UNC did not to give the report of their prices. It would get turned around into something that wasn’t a true portrayal of what occurs if you don’t know the whole story. Our healthcare system serves a population that is rural, low pay or no pay. If you had to put a dollar amount for a CEOs salary for running a healthcare system that covers 29 counties, 8 hospitals, countless medical offices and groups, and ensuring the health and wellbeing of Eastern NC, what would it be? Dr. Waldrum is not signing on to the healthcare plan because it is not what they believe is best for the hospital system, the state employees, or healthcare in general. That is why practically NO ONE has signed on. It is not because they are being stubborn…it’s because it is financially impossible. Folwell is refusing to negotiate, and his tactics are awful. They are not going to bend to a bully.
And if the Treasurer’s office put out that ad, then I’m not sure how it was funded but I assumed it was tax dollars but that could be incorrect. Folwell is paid by the state, and it was his campaign putting out personal attacks against Dr. Waldrum. It is dirty politics. what’s dirty about telling the truth? They stated his salary, and he refused to attend a town hall meeting. And no, your tax tax dollars did not pay for million dollar mike ads… a non profit group did. A group called Affordable Healthcare for North Carolina. State funds can not pay for that. But initially your tax dollars did pay for ads put out by UNC – a state funded health system.. to the tune of 58,000 until they got caught. My apologies for the incorrect statement that Vidant was a state funded system. However, they do receive many state tax dollars through their partnership with ECU and the school of Medicine. Something that is of great benefit to the health system. So to be honest, they do receive state funding… and yet they feel no obligation to cooperate. My next question is this, if Medicaid expansion occurs, will Vidant and UNC refuse to take the rates because it’s bad for the bottom line? Because the state health plan is proposing a 200% increase in comparison to Medicaid reimbursement… inquiring minds would like to know. To quote some statistics, an estimated 624,000 people would qualify in N.C… if expansion occurred. That means Vidant would be paid less for those services, could they then decide not to accept Medicaid? And would the Federal Government be considered a bully for not paying better rates or refusing to negotiate?