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My dog is 9 years old and I don’t think she ever had a toy before I got her in March as she didn’t know how to play! As she is very undemanding, it’s not an issue but it’s fun showing her how to play, we rescued our 1 yr. old boxer in april. we joined a dog park, with a lake for dogs to swim in. She loves to swim. can do it for an hour. But every time we go, she decides she is in charge of how everyone acts. and will get into a fight with any dog that is not behaving nicely.

  • She was found on the streets before we got her. So Im sure this is a survival technique that has worked for her. But we had to quit the dog park because she will not let anything go. and we have been in 3 fights. so we dont trust her, and had to quit. Is there something I can do to get her to stop looking for a fight? Could it be, because she is fearful? or insecure? A get them before they get me situation? thank you, she would appreciate any help that would get her back to swimming!!
  • We “mommy & I” have been training on the purpose of different toys & now we LOVE engaging with them …… Staffordshire Bull terriers are labelled to “destroy” everything – We proud to say Raven doesn’t
  • thanks for these great suggestions. We have just adopted a second ex racing greyhound. He’s a young boy – quite fearful around people but slowly learning to trust us and settle into his new forever home with his sister who is balanced canine perfection.
I guess nobody is going to skip your profile without saying hi… your post are so exciting and your pictures are beautiful too, sorry to bother you by the way…but I would love to know you but we not friends which I look forward to……can you please send me a friend request?…..I tried to but i didn’t go through.
Threat message from the Lion of Jihad to America written with blood and fire:
You have destroyed yourself when You got involved in a war that you cannot continue, and the Punishment time is approaching
If he called war heroes losers and suckers, he sure wouldn’t care about 9/11. He’s a lot of talk but no action. I’m sure even he doesn’t believe all the bull he spews. He wants to lead us to war with Russia. All he has to offer are thoughts and prayers. He doesn’t act.

Lose you mind Find Your soul Yoga vintage poster

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