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No-one is saying that. But George Floyd’s unlawful killing struck a chord with people in this country because they know similar things happen, to a much lesser extent, in the UK. Many black people also have experience of repeated harassment by racist police officers. Dean Rusk the picture of Tony Timpa and George Floyd you posted suggests that you actually see colour! Dont matter what your colour is Black White or purple No,one can change the past People need to stop blaming colour .People say equal lives Yes i agree But even been brought up there could be a room of 1 colour yet our teacher would not treat us all the same So could it be there fault aswell. Julie Coleman forgiven him??? It’s not up to me or you to forgive him. He was punished according to the law. Or is the law not an enough punishment? Are you suggesting that he deserved to die the way he did? statistically, there are more white people killed by cops in the US than black. I hate to use the terms white and black but that’s how they give the statistics. When you look at the numbers on a whole there are many lives taken by cops.

Agree with you somewhat. You also have to look at their gun policy. Cops there are more likely to have a gun pointed at them by criminals than here. So they are more on edge. I don’t know the numbers for cops shot by criminals in US compared to UK, but I can imagine. Tragically, although it is nothing like as bad as in the USA, there are examples of black people being killed unnecessarily in the course of arrest or in custody in the UK. Just one such death is unacceptable.
However, it is not only in the extra-judicial killing of black people the UK police are sometimes racist. It is in the almost daily harassment of black people by many individual racist police officers in the UK that black people experience police racism.