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Five Finger Death Punch face mask

Five Finger Death Punch face mask

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I have never had a President as a friend, never even met a past President. I must admit I voted for the biggest con man ever in Obama, and I blame the lying media that covered for him. I want a President that will put this country first. Before this pandemic my stocks were doing great and my retirement plan was up 25% with Trump, while it was dormant or lost money during Obama’s administration. Let’s not get into who is trash, Bill, Hillary (China’s BFF) Lying Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer etc.etc.. Does Trump have an ego absolutely, that’s what makes him the fighter that he’s is, has no affect on me. I actually like someone who tells it like it is. I saw the results of his policies in my bank account. If you attack him or his family he will attack right back, must admit I would do the same. I’m a senior citizen, have members of my family that had to come to this country LEGALLY, I want that law applied to all immigrants and enforced. There are times in your life where your candidate’s policies will change according to your needs at that time in your life but they should always put your country and its laws first. This President is doing just that. actually cupcake I can give you a list of all manor of media coverage from every president starting with the first to present. Can you name all 45 without google? Hyperbolic, nonsense taken out of context is standard for yellow press journalism. “Truth”. Hasn’t a damn this to do with what you posted. In fact it is the antithesis. As far as appearing foolish, here’s your sign.I am a Democrat but I am not a fan of Pelosi at all. People should pay taxes. You work for living and there should be taxes and the higher you earn the more you are taxed. I pay my share of taxes being self-employed.