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Flamingo Sandy Toes and Salty Lips sticker

Flamingo Sandy Toes and Salty Lips sticker 1

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Biden is fine. He’s not the one with frontotemporal dementia who was thrown out of school for slugging a teacher. You chose a real class act. Let’s face it. The only way the far left could ever convince someone to run on their agenda would be if that candidate were mentally decrepit. They found him! We have that in the white house now. You know the one in spent a half an hour explaining why you can’t walk down and ramp, and why you couldn’t hold a glass of water with one hand so I wouldn’t talk about Joe Biden. Barbara Beth Miller ,,if you are fortunate you might live long enough to know about balance and nerve endings,,people who sit back and point out the deficiencies of others are the ones that scream the loudest when Karma catches up with em and make no mistake about it ,,,it will. Unless moderate Democrats and moderate Conservatives are able to come together, our country is going to be destroyed by the far left radical liberals. its impossible to be a far left radical liberal.Look.up the definition of liberal.if they are far left then.they would be socialists or even.communists.I reckon most are just liberals though.real.ones ! I used the word liberal because the is what they are trying to pass themselves off as. We all know they are communists calling themselves Democratic socialists. Absolute fact. Perfect for them. HE cannot even fathom what is going on , so easy to slide him in as their puppet , while behind the scenes rules America – and it won’t even resemble the America you have known , fought for , and loved. Put him in and we are doomed to a life of Hell and control.