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Flamingo Will remove for wine face mask

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I cannot believe that we still have this issue in this country. We have come a long way, but the fight is not over. It is disappointing knowing that we can put our lives on the line fighting wars to keep our country safe, but we cannot save a life by donating plasma in the country we call home. Its Disgusting. We must keep fighting for equality . I can only imagine your disappointment, but stay strong, keep hope alive, and continue to be that voice that people will listen to.thank you. The problem is you can be positive, like my mother was, and test negative when it is in remission/dormant, is it safe at that point, no one knows. At least that was the case 4 years ago when she passed, things change fast. Our country needs to educate itself. This is ridiculous and shows how narrow minded we can be…keep up with the data people. This is a whole new ballgame….thank you Andy for sharing this information in a way that shows your compassion but makes the point that it is time to re-evaluate. it really is discrimination……and it needs to be put to a stop…anyone that wants to help that wants to give should be able to ……as long as they dont have hep C, etc……yes they should be able to. Doesnt matter if you are black white green purple short tall fat skinny what religion you are or arent how old you are if you are single married divorced blue collar white collar straight bi trans or GAY you should have the right to donate should you choose to! My friend and his husband had it – they have the antibodies but can’t do anything to help as well. They were the first wave in March and April – what a shame they had the answers but no one would listen. the WHO no longer considers HIV a pandemic. Having HIV no longer necessarily leads to AIDS unless you do not take your medication as required. The whole point of taking HIV drugs is to reduce the viral load to a point that it is undetectable, as you stated with your mother. The point is that anyone can get HIV as you well know and to automatically exclude gay men from the process is discriminatory. All blood is tested for HIV when it taken from someone so why are we specifically excluding gay men? Think about it, anyone can lie on the questionnaire so blood is tested for drugs, HIV, Hep A, B, and C and various other bllodborne pathogens.