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Flight Attendant Some girls are just born with the sky in their souls poster

Flight Attendant Some girls are just born with the sky in their souls poster 1

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A DAM(N) is what they built up and down the Colombia to destroy Native American fishing and supply cheap electricity to Alcoa and Reynolds and I feel the same about those as I do about people trying to chastise you for sharing your personal perspective-Thank you for your voice and all the great info that helped us get more out of UK and France visit. Thank You Rick Steves! You are such a wonderful writer! And thank you for keeping us educated & informed. You are a voice of calm & reason in an ever increasing chaotic world. Keep up the GREAT work you do for all travelers! I always depend on your travel guides every time I travel.
Keep safe & healthy! We need you! Rick, my husband Robert and I listened to you speak at the Los Angeles travel show. Have only been to a few countries in Europe and can’t wait until we can safely travel again. Stay well and keep on traveling. Love this! Keep it up!! Travel outside of what’s comfortable to us certainly broadens our horizons…I’m grateful that growing up in Europe it was not strange or intimidating to me that people spoke a different language or that their habits were different from ours. Rick, your post touched me today. I was fortunate to be able to travel for work to several countries years ago. I spent a lot of time in Japan and it changed me for the better in so many ways. I had a lot of time to myself and I spent some of that time simply watching the people go about their lives. I found them to be kind, humble, funny, spiritual, industrious and wise. I brought back many “strands” that have been woven into the tapestry of my life as well as wonderful memories that I can reflect on and share. I agree that spending time outside your own country opens your mind to different realities and perspectives, and to different ways of being in the world. Thank you for the reminder today.
We passed that on to our kids and keep encouraging everyone to be open to new experiences! This is just an awesome sentiment. You gave made my quarantine bearable. I missed visiting all my favorite spots but have adored your insight and commentary. I’m a NYer, and the most healing I had seen about 9/11 was when I was sitting in a London pub with a Girl Guide volunteer from Tunisia in 2011 who spoke Arabic & 3 other languages. I said I was going to the Westminster Abbey anniversary service for 9/11. She looked sad. That’s what I needed to know, as a NYer, that it was sad for them too.