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Lord God our Father, Thank You for hearing our prayers and bringing about this outcome. I pray he would pay for the atrocity he committed. I pray now others like him would be caught and held responsible for their actions. Bring physical mental and spiritual healing to Nora and others like her. I praise the name of Jesus. Be glorified throughout the earth. In Jesus name, Amen

  • Now let the Cambodians chop his hands and feet off while kept on a saline and Adrenalin drip to keep him alive. Victor Marx, you are a true HERO in Christ! I LOVE that you didn’t give up and hunted this monster down!!!
  • Oh my gosh!!!! Praise be God’s glory! Cheers to victor and his team who did not give up the fight and may he be a Reminder to others who would maim and persecute women. The Lord’s continued protection and favor over you and team as you answer His call to protect those in dire need of help, prayers, rescue!
  • Praise GOD. And I thank Him for you Victor Marx. You’re a good man. May the Lord bless you in all the things you do for God’s children. We were all in agreement that the monster would be caught today and Justice would be served! Almighty God we thank you for healing for Nora and the others Amen

Thank you God for Victor and his team bring all the resources they need Father to continue to get Justice for the children in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers! Thank you for keeping these Heros safe. Thank you for Nora’s healing and salvation. Jesus, put this reprabate exactly where he belongs. Hell fire.

Good bless you and your teams!!! As a nurse who once dedicated my career to helping victims of sexual assault and child abuse, I know that as caregivers sometimes we bring these traumas home with us. I pray that your team finds comfort and peace after this mission and continues with the courage and strength for future missions. Y’all are in my prayers.

Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie